Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

How to get more attention on technology policy?

  1. Find the human interest story that illustrates the issue
  2. Try to tell the story the way you want the story to be told (frame the story yourself)
  3. Who do you want to tell the story to?
  4. Activate the blogosphere – get them interested
  5. Look for existing groups as allies
  6. Anticipate the PR response (news that would try to block it), also the ‘story behind the story’ – like how banks know about the ID theft issue, but don’t do anything about it
  7. The impact on kids
  8. Get an activist professor on board
  9. Demo where you can (passport/RFID)
  10. Don’t frame it as ‘technology policy’, frame it as the issue that is underneath

Topics needing more attention/getting superficial attention

  1. Patents and software
  2. Bridge between the rhetoric between id theft and the law (make the ID theft issue clearer)
  3. Who owns the pipes? Who gets access to the pipes? Who determines how they are monitored?
  4. Access and education for the next generation
  5. Transparency
  6. Data collection by the government
  7. Anonymity and privacy
  8. Wiretapping story
  9. Idea that young people don’t care about privacy (even though they really do)
  10. Cyber bullying and stalking – existing laws aren’t used
  11. Who owns your information – governments calling up info and sharing it with others (like when you’re stopped at the border)
  12. Advertising, targeted advertising