Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

Getting more attention

  • Candidates using existing their fundraising and networks to raise awareness f particular issues
  • Televised debate--ensure that the public can respond to the debate via the Internet in real time
  • relating technology issues to current hot-button issues--technology and tech policy is embedded within many existing issues, such as provision of health care and availablilty of consumer choice
  • creating a "day of 'net silence" to draw attention ot the importance of tech policy issues.
  • draft or appoint popular media figures (e.g. Oprah) to host special programs or head up special commissions on a particular issue.
  • provide candidates with a questionnaire to outline their positions on tech policies

Topics needing more attention

  • municipal wifi
  • digital divide/equal access to technology
  • need for an effective privacy authority
  • need for comprehensive privacy legislation based on fair information practices and governing private data collectors
  • promotion of user-centric ID systems
  • reforming damages--creating statutory minimums for more privacy violations
  • limiting damages for IP infringement

Topics receiving superficial coverage

  • ID theft--focus is currently on the bad actions of ID thieves, without sufficient focus upon the culpable behavior of those who breach personal info, those who offer credit without verifying identity properly, and credit reporting agencies with poor privacy and security practices.
  • Net neutrality--covered as a battle between tech companies and ISPs, instead of covering questions of content or source discrimination; actual mechanisms to enforce net neutrality are only discussed broadly as "regulation" or "no regulation;" net neutrality vaguely defined, if at all, by mainstream press
  • digital divide--lack of focus on actual implementation--how infrastructure is built out and how it can be ensured to improve quality of life, as opposed to amount spent; lack of coverage of providers gaming system
  • spam--lack of attention to potential new private rights of action

Tech categories

  • IP,
  • Infrastructure and access
  • Privacy (vis a vis government--surveillance, mandated IDs )
  • Commercial privacy
  • censorship
  • cybercrimes/fraud