Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

How to get more attention on technology policy

  • The letter should be more focused i.e. information technology policy or Internet technology policy
  1. Think of examples where technology policy has been helpful in solving problems
    1. air safety
    2. food and drug manufacturing
    3. construction
    4. environmental science
  2. Challenges to Privacy
    1. consumer rights
    2. human rights
  3. Problems created because of a lack of technology policy
    1. transportation fuel efficiency standards
  4. Highlight the reliance upon technology
    1. Health and public safety
    2. Economy
    3. Environment
    4. Standard of living
  5. Innovation Policy
    1. New Fields
  6. Cost v. Benefit of doing nothing
    1. Identify systemic risks and address them

Topics needing more attention

  1. Emergence of Global innovation networks
    1. risks and opportunities for US technology policy lessons learned
      1. failure to sustain commitment to remain a world leader in a field of science
      2. example: Superconductor Supercollider project in Texas failure to sustain construction. EU Cern now is the world's largest known project of this type.
  2. Governance Gaps
    1. Nationally
      1. consumers
      2. business
      3. public sector (local, state, and federal)
    2. Internationally
  3. Global Challenges
    1. Competition is not just nation to nation, but multinational collaborations v. US where the cost and rewards are shared
  4. Public Policy Should Focus on Access to Basic Science and Technology Inputs and Outputs (Cleaning drinking water, greater crop yields per-acre and clean energy development
    1. Universal Cooperation
    2. Sharing knowledge
    3. Improving standards of living and quality of life