Work in progress

A series of open letters to the presidential candidates, and eventual next president of the US.

Overall schedule Edit

  • prototype at CFP focusing on technology policy in the campaigns
  • revised version of "Theses"
  • broad discussions and letters on specific tech policy areas: September through the election
    • involve political blogospheres
    • international discussion focused on OneWebDay
    • tie into existing communities: a2k, privacy, ...
  • [potentially] overall letter on technology policy (incorporating the earlier letters): January

Goals Edit

  • broaden involvement, and raise the bar, in discussions of technology policy in the US
  • put forward "CFP perspective"
  • help CFP to become more of a year-round community -- and broaden participation

Prototype at CFP: letter to candidates Edit

Schedule at CFP Edit

Goals for prototype at CFP Edit

  • successful initial experience with collaborative writing
  • generate interest for ongoing participation; find more leaders/help to build this into a network and a movement
  • get some broader attention -- blogosphere and press
  • basis for ongoing contact with the campaigns
  • collect resources and define structure for ongoing work

Results Edit

Next steps Edit

In addition to the mundane tasks such as getting a domain name, etc., we're starting to collect topics, names of interested people, and potential partners for the six open letters we described in our letters to candidates. Please add your thoughts!

Task list Edit

Todo list for Dear Potus 08:

  • include link and description in mail to all CFP attendees
    • Jon/Susy to draft
    • Eddan to send
  • mail letter to campaigns
    • Chuck Fish and Danny Weitzner (presenters at opening session)
    • other campaigns: Clinton, Libertarian and Green candidates, ...
  • start identifying people and partners to take the letters forward
  • get domain names: dearpotus08.{net,org,com,us}

Working group Edit

Interested in helping out? Please sign up here!

  • Jon Pincus, jon (at) achangeiscoming (dot) net

More Edit

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