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What techniques make it more likely for larger blogs to cover your story -- or link to you?

As an initial experiment, we're going to focus on Slashdot, and discuss how to get Mike Godwin's recent article for Jewcy, I seem to be a verb: 18 years of Godwin's Law

Relate to favorite Slashdot topic[]

  • Slashdot: consider submitting "Get it on Slashdot!"?
  • Wikipedia: Mike's at Wikimedia Fondation

what else?

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Digg (etc.) it[]

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Try to get other bloggers to write about it[]

There are some blogs that seem to regularly get picked up by Slashdot. Which ones are likely to cover this?

  • BoingBoing?
  • Bruce Schneier?
  • Wired's THREAT LEVEL?

where else?

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